Saturday, July 14, 2007

阿瑪迪教學法 當代樂賞 啪兔

Recently had a chance to hear one of the lectures/demos that Mr Chan was giving.

1. 音色好
2. 可以展示所有的技術
3. 相當的有系統
4. 溝通能力強

Not so good (not saying it is bad):
1. Staccato is not as amazing as he claimed (online) to be. (I can do better, sorry.) 我每一個學生的 staccato 都不會輸他太多, 有一個還比他快很多, 這並不是很難教的東西. 基本的教好就是運用而已.
2. Stressing too much on not practicing. 要完整的拉完一條曲子還是要練習的.
3. Left hand pizz is not even, volume and rhythm wise (the side-effect of NOT practicing enough!) 他的拉法(直接用手指勾)其實很傷手, 有對手更好的教法. 當然, conceptually 是一樣的(勾), 不過在細部有一點點不一樣.
4. Very egocentric, not gonna make too many friends in the same field with that kind of attitude. If he just wants to talk about his technical supremacy, I am sorry, I can do better at everything he does, and there are a lot of violinists who are better than me. Please stop bragging cus that won't look too good.

肉丸子倒是很想去拿一些課, 對於這種新的教學法很好奇. 不過因為太忙, 目前已經不教琴了... 所以去好像是浪費錢. 因為已經知道每一種技巧的練法, 只是要練習來 refine them.

p.s. Ricci 在 "Virtuoso Recital by Ricci" 的CD裡面有現場的 Hora Staccato, 速度大約在180-188左右.